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We are Hong Kong Living

Fast Media Ltd is changing its name to …wait for it…drumroll…Hong Kong Living Ltd.

We feel “Hong Kong Living” better captures who we are and what we do. We like the energy it conveys and, goddammit, we love living in Hong Kong.

The new name also reflects the evolution of our company. Since launching Sai Kung Magazine in 2009, we have grown  –  with Southside Magazine (2010), Expat Parent magazine (2012) , Mid Levels Magazine (2016)  plus matching websites and newsletters – to become the number one source of living information for high net worth Hong Kong residents.   

Our name has changed, but our focus remains the same: We will continue to offer readers “really useful” free media. And brands the best value way of connecting with our readers.

For more information drop us a line at hello@hongkongliving.com